Our Mission

The mission of INTERPOL ICP CTOC is to advance the law enforcement efforts of the European Union member and candidate countries as the official representative to the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL); to share criminal justice, humanitarian, and public safety information between national law enforcement community and its foreign counterparts, and to facilitate transnational investigative efforts that enhance the safety and security.

Help Us Find…

INTERPOL’s Notices are global alerts, sent to police officials in all member countries, as well as provided to public so you can help to find the persons concerned.

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If You Need Help

Always contact your local police. Even if the crime you wish to report is international in nature, you should still approach your local police.

Investigations and arrests are always carried out by national and local police forces. Our role is to help your national police to communicate with police in other countries to solve international crimes. We deal mostly with information provided by police officials, not the public.

Get in touch with the police in your country if:

  • you are a victim of a crime that you think comes from another country;
  • you have information about a crime that has been committed or is being planned;
  • you wish to report a missing person who you think may be in another country.

Once you have reported a crime, the police in your country can access INTERPOL’s services and databases if needed.

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Neither INTERPOL nor INTERPOL ICP CTOC contacts private citizens to request personal information. INTERPOL ICP CTOC communicates with law enforcement officials only. INTERPOL is aware of emails circulating on the Internet from individuals claiming to be officials or agents of INTERPOL or INTERPOL ICP CTOC that ask for personal or financial information. These messages often imply that they are trying to verify information or offer protection. The messages may also include a threat that a citizen will be considered a criminal if he or she does not comply. If an individual receives an email from someone claiming to represent INTERPOL or INTERPOL ICP CTOC, and personal information or bank account information requested, the request should be ignored and reported to your local police department; neither personal nor financial information should be provided. In cases where personal or financial information is inadvertently provided, local law enforcement should be contacted immediately to determine how to proceed.